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psql 进入命令行

\h:查看SQL命令的解释,比如\h select。
\c [database_name]:连接其他数据库。
\d [table_name]:列出某一张表格的结构。
drop database “odoo-test”; 删除数据库
drop user xxx; 删除用户

\copyright  PostgreSQL使用和发布条款
\g [FILE] or ; execute query (and send results to file or |pipe)
\gset [PREFIX] execute query and store results in psql variables
\q  退出psql命令行
\watch [SEC] execute query every SEC seconds

\? [commands] show help on backslash commands
\? options show help on psql command-line options
\? variables show help on special variables
\h [NAME] help on syntax of SQL commands, * for all commands

Query Buffer
\e [FILE] [LINE] edit the query buffer (or file) with external editor
\ef [FUNCNAME [LINE]] edit function definition with external editor
\p show the contents of the query buffer
\r reset (clear) the query buffer
\s [FILE] display history or save it to file
\w FILE write query buffer to file

\copy … perform SQL COPY with data stream to the client host
\echo [STRING] write string to standard output
\i FILE execute commands from file
\ir FILE as \i, but relative to location of current script
\o [FILE] send all query results to file or |pipe
\qecho [STRING] write string to query output stream (see \o)

(options: S = show system objects, + = additional detail)
\d[S+] list tables, views, and sequences
\d[S+] NAME describe table, view, sequence, or index
\da[S] [PATTERN] list aggregates
\db[+] [PATTERN] list tablespaces
\dc[S+] [PATTERN] list conversions
\dC[+] [PATTERN] list casts
\dd[S] [PATTERN] show object descriptions not displayed elsewhere
\ddp [PATTERN] list default privileges
\dD[S+] [PATTERN] list domains
\det[+] [PATTERN] list foreign tables
\des[+] [PATTERN] list foreign servers
\deu[+] [PATTERN] list user mappings
\dew[+] [PATTERN] list foreign-data wrappers
\df[antw][S+] [PATRN] list [only agg/normal/trigger/window] functions
\dF[+] [PATTERN] list text search configurations
\dFd[+] [PATTERN] list text search dictionaries
\dFp[+] [PATTERN] list text search parsers
\dFt[+] [PATTERN] list text search templates
\dg[+] [PATTERN] list roles
\di[S+] [PATTERN] list indexes
\dl list large objects, same as \lo_list
\dL[S+] [PATTERN] list procedural languages

\dm[S+] [PATTERN] list materialized views
\dn[S+] [PATTERN] list schemas
\do[S] [PATTERN] list operators
\dO[S+] [PATTERN] list collations
\dp [PATTERN] list table, view, and sequence access privileges
\drds [PATRN1 [PATRN2]] list per-database role settings
\ds[S+] [PATTERN] list sequences
\dt[S+] [PATTERN] list tables
\dT[S+] [PATTERN] list data types
\du[+] [PATTERN] list roles
\dv[S+] [PATTERN] list views
\dE[S+] [PATTERN] list foreign tables
\dx[+] [PATTERN] list extensions
\dy [PATTERN] list event triggers
\l[+] [PATTERN] list databases
\sf[+] FUNCNAME show a function’s definition
\z [PATTERN] same as \dp

\a toggle between unaligned and aligned output mode
\C [STRING] set table title, or unset if none
\f [STRING] show or set field separator for unaligned query output
\H toggle HTML output mode (currently off)
\pset [NAME [VALUE]] set table output option
(NAME := {border|columns|expanded|fieldsep|fieldsep_zero|
\t [on|off] show only rows (currently off)
\T [STRING] set HTML <table> tag attributes, or unset if none
\x [on|off|auto] toggle expanded output (currently off)

\c[onnect] {[DBNAME|- USER|- HOST|- PORT|-] | conninfo}
connect to new database (currently “postgres”)
\encoding [ENCODING] show or set client encoding
\password [USERNAME] securely change the password for a user
\conninfo display information about current connection

Operating System
\cd [DIR] change the current working directory
\setenv NAME [VALUE] set or unset environment variable
\timing [on|off] toggle timing of commands (currently off)
\! [COMMAND] execute command in shell or start interactive shell

\prompt [TEXT] NAME prompt user to set internal variable
\set [NAME [VALUE]] set internal variable, or list all if no parameters
\unset NAME unset (delete) internal variable

Large Objects
\lo_export LOBOID FILE
\lo_import FILE [COMMENT]
\lo_unlink LOBOID large object operations


# 为当前用户添加创建数据库权限
sudo su – postgres
createuser –createdb –username postgres –pwprompt alan


# 创建用户并直接指定密码
sudo -u postgres psql
create user “odoo11” with password ‘odoo11’ createdb;

# 远程连接数据库

could not connect to server: Connection refused

Is the server running on host “” and accepting

TCP/IP connections on port 5432?




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