Html and JavaScript Mumbo Jumbo Part 2

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JavaScript is a browser side scripting language, unlike the static HTML language, you can actually use it to interact with your website visitors. A simple example would be the pop-up alert you may encounter everything. And JavaScript can respond to events(such as clicking on a link, loading a page, hover over an HTML element etc. you can check the full event list here).

Although JavaScript is very helpful, programmers find that they always need to write multiple lines for a simple functionality, so they were expecting some kind of shorthand, that’s where jQuery comes in. From my understanding, jQuery is sort of like a library for JavaScript, only when you use it, it’s simpler, basically it’s still JavaScript.

Other than JavaScript, PHP is a server side scripting language, which means you need to have a web server(in fact, with the help of Wamp etc., you can have a web server environment on your own computer) to parse the PHP language. PHP is now a popular programming language, probably with a popularity just behind other programming languages like C, Java, C++. You may often hear PHP along with MySQL, Apache, the following graph helps you to understand the relationship between PHP and MySQL, Apache, it also displays the process of a browser requesting a PHP web page.

PHP Operational Trail

Like other programming languages, you’ll need to learn PHP step by step, variables, data types, object-oriented…

We’ve also mentioned MySQL here, MySQL is an open source database, which is now under Oracle. SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and it is the basic for any programming language if you want to move forward and become a developer.

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